Longrin Wetten

Engineer. Storyteller. Thinker. Penthusiast.

A brief history

about Longrin Wetten

Longrin Wetten is a trained Electrical and Computer Engineer by day and a storyteller all the time. Born in Jos, Nigeria, on the 5th of May in the late ’70s. He holds a B. Eng Degree in Computer Engineering from the Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria.

His passion for storytelling was first expressed before he turned 10, when he derived joy from sharing the exciting stories he read in comic books and saw in movies with his peers (sadly in this modern age that is considered “a spoiler”).

Logrin Wetten is  a founding member of Penthusia, an elite group of modern day writing/storytelling enthusiasts; and Penthusia Media Ltd, the business arm of Penthusia.


Just as it is with playing darts, L.W is pretty focused when it comes to any given task, including writing.


L.W intends to revolutionize the reading culture in Africa by making reading more fun.


L.W honestly believes he can reach out to non-readers, reluctant readers as well as seasoned readers.

Longrin Wetten’s Lie to Me Dan, is a thrilling tale of passion and ambition set in the fascinating world of a Nigerian University. The story revolves around two young adults and the challenges of schooling in an intimidating, and oftentimes hostile environment.

Get sucked into a whirlwind of danger and uncertainty.

Experience the power of passion and ambition.

Find out how Dan and Marylyn’s story unfolds.

Break Boundaries

Lie to Me, Dan is the first instalment in a planned trilogy.